inspiration pollination

Inspiration Pollination is intended to affect positive change in environmental consciousness and responsibility. The project uses art to connect the public with the rapid decline of pollinators. Primarily a Facebook group, the community of creators are challenged to post existing or new work that celebrates pollinators while bringing to light their importance in our ecosystem and food production. Members are tasked to keep the message “pollinating” online and throughout our communities. 

Art has the ability to educate and alter thinking, as we’ve seen throughout history. There’s something to combining information and visuals that’s intuitive to the way people learn. A portion of the public are indifferent to environmental issues and have an attitude of “I can’t do anything to help”. Inspiration Pollination is here to tell them that everything they do, as small as planting milkweed or buying organic to as big as building a pollinator habitat or becoming a beekeeper, helps greatly and puts us on the right track.

Please join the group today and follow our efforts on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

Check out work from a few of our members:
Chrissie Hart
Karina Harmony Garcia
Joanne Licardo

Get to know our Powerful Pollinators of the month:
Jon Buko
Laura & Gary Dumm
Jenny Kendler
Allen Peterson
Macla Ramírez